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More progress.  Inching closer and clsoer to completion.

This is the full image from the teaser.  The X broke again.  I don't recall exactly at what point this was.  It's obviously after the initial gluing, but I can't tell if it's before or between fillers.  The glued part is now fine, but I keep getting a blister on that grey spot above.  I've left it alone for two days, I'll sand it and paint again tomorrow, if the weather permits.

I've gotten back to work on the controller.  I decided to fill and paint the shoulder buttons and directional pad.  I used ABS cement, but it did some weird melting thing.  I sanded it off while it was still gummy, then used regular super glue to fill in the spots.  They'll be the same silver as the main console buttons and the memory card and controller ports.

And now, we reach what I've really accomplished in the last working session.  My neighbor saw it, and dubbed the mess "Cthulhu's ejaculation".  We all have such colorful imaginations.  I started with running heavier wire from the power supply board to the main board.  I ripped the old connections right off, and just soldered the wires right through the holes.  The original wires and the connections are on the left side.  I matched the color scheme, for ease of identification.

I do love this, though.  This is the new inverter.  Fuck building my own, this sucker is the size of ONE component I'd use in that.  It's about half the size of the one I've already burned out, too.  As far as I'm concerned, it's worth the money.

After about an hour of taping, gluing, and shifting wires, I'm finally able to get the CD drive to fit properly on its brackets.

Better yet.  When I fit the lid back on, it closes perfectly.  No fighting, no squeezing, it just fits like it should.

So.  More work on this.  Here are the buttons reinstalled in the case.

So I started piecing the lid back together.  That's looking pretty damn nice, at least.  I'm using carpet tape to mount the EL panel.  It's paper thin, strong, and double-sided.

I laid down the EL panel, and the backing piece I made.  Then, I reinstalled the lid.

I do like the matte black finish.  It looks like 90's computer gear, which is exactly what I was going for.  Aside from the damn X-Box resemblance, I really like it.

The sound-activated LEDs aren't easily visible, though.  They just give a bit of bottom glow.  Not what I wanted at all, but not something I can just change, either.  I took a shot in the dark, because they do reflect.  LEDs just do NOT photograph well, though.

So I've got it all wired up, and working great.  Here's what the decal inside the lid looks like.  Makes me smile every time I see it.

Here's the outside, with the EL panel lit, and the power on.  I love how great it looks.  It is just so pretty.

And that's where I am as of August 3.  I've nearly got the controller done, all that remains after this is the memory card.  I'm hoping to be done very soon.

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