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I'm done with the electronic side of the mouse. As usual, all thumbnails link to larger pictures.

PhotobucketHere you can see the extra green LED I've added is working. It's actually under my finger, so I could take a picture without it getting all washed out. I grabbed the power from the headers that connect the two circuit boards together. I may need to add a resistor in there, if it's too bright, but I need to finish the cosmetic part first. It's not very obvious, but I've also changed the low-battery indicator light to green. Photobucket

Over here, this is the guts shoved back in the casing. I've cut out most of the back, under where the window will be. I might have to get a bit creative with glue to prevent light leakage, but that will come later.

PhotobucketAnd finally, the window itself in the process of being cut out.  I'm actually about half-way done in this picture.  It's totally cut out now, and I've started painting it.  It's going to still be purple.  But I don't want it to say "BELKIN" on it, so I sanded that off and I'm starting clean.  I might be able to finish the painting tomorrow, but it will have to sit for at least a week after that before I can finish it off.  It takes that long for a full paint cure. 

And that's where that is.  I had the screws sitting in a container on my workbench at home, but all my tools were packed and moved to the shop.  I seem to have misplaced them, but I'm not particularly concerned.  If I don't find the exact screws, I'm sure I have some that will fit.  In any case, I'm kinda busy as fuck with all the repairs and cleaning the apartment needs. Then I can move in. Joy unbounded, or some shit like that.
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