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Still modding, tinkering, fixing, and playing.  School is just RAPING me up the ass, though.  Especially now that I am officially an employee of the Environmental Analysis Laboratory.  I suppose I could post some of my work there in the lab... like running acid analysis of hops.  Fuck yes science and beer!  I guess I could have posted a more detailed write-up of my repair, releathering, and tuning of Sugar Island's Opus 7694 Möller.  And yes, I did use my 3DS to tune a pipe organ.  Suck on that, Balrog.  Video games are NOT worthless. 

PhotobucketAside from the major pipe organ maintenence, I've really just done some minor projects.  Most needed to be done ages ago, to be honest.  Like my damn mini amp.   The fucking cord just dangled everywhere, dragged on the ground, and got in the way. Constantly.  I kept bending the prongs, and always neeeded to straighten them out.  Or dry them off.  Or clean mud off them. 

PhotobucketHowever, once a sailor, always a sailor, and I went down to the local boatworks to solve my issue.  A black plastic rope cleat and some stainless steel screws and all is well. 

And now to cram my MP3 player full of Pink Floyd, Mark Snow, Alestorm, and Atreyu before I go to bed so I can rock out in lab.

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