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After recent events, I've learned a lot of people on the internet need to learn some lessons in respecting copyright and ownership of intellectual property.  Seriously, educate yourselves before you get into trouble.  There are some excellent, simple sites that explain copyright.  Columbia University's website is an excellent beginner resource. So many of you are well on the way to a lawsuit, and you just love to personally insult me for taking the legal and professional steps to protect my work. 

Contrary to what many of you seem to think, my work is copyrighted the second it is "fixed in any tangible medium of expression."  This includes being posted on my personal blog.  I have every legal right to ask that instructions and images taken from this site and reposted be immediately removed.  I will protect my work to the extent that the law allows me to do so.  HOWEVER, if you would like to work out an agreement where you repost a tutorial or helpful image with PROPER PERMISSION, please feel free to contact me.  I am not unreasonable.  I just want to see my work respected.

Unless otherwise indicated, all content on the tibia-mod journal is copyright T. Mulder.  All rights reserved.  Reposting, editing, or republishing this content without explicit permission is illegal.

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