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Here are the worklogs for Codename: Mulder's Nipples.  It's a custom PlayStation console and controller.  I began it June 20, when I discovered that my PS2 slim wouldn't play "The X-Files" for the original PlayStation.  The project name came from an episode of Californication I'd watched at the time.  In the commentary, David Duchovny was rambling on about how fantastic his nipples looked in the nude scenes, and frankly, it brainwashed me. 

I started out by scanning the manual, and slapping a few layers of masking tape on the lid.  I got it lined up, and used carbon paper to trace the scan onto the tape.  I then cut out the tape with an X-Acto knife. 

The next day, I brought the lid down to my workshop and used a drill press to make a bunch of starter holes.  I tried to use a block of wood underneath, but the concave lid design didn't let that work.  The lid kept getting caught on the bit and whipping around at 1590 RPM.  Highly entertaining, but not too safe.

I used plastic nippers and quite a few different files to do the cutout. 

I spent close to seven hours just doing the cutout. 

The first layer of paint.  I've got a lot of sanding to do.

The controller ports will be metallic silver.  I've got a good coat on there, but I think I'll clearcoat it.  The player two memory card port has two broken pins, but it's pretty much superfluous for this game anyway.  I'm seriously considering not reinstalling the controller port pins, as I don't need them.  All my other PS1 games work on the PS2, so I can just use that for multi-player gaming.

Bottom's almost patched here.  I've used metal filler, UV-curing Bondo, ABS cement, and super glue.  I've lost count of how many times I've sanded it down.  It's done now.  At least, as done as I have the gear to do.  I'm to the point where it shows up now because it doesn't match the factory texture.  I don't have the gear to change that, so I've got to accept it as it is.

I've decided to try something with the buttons on the top half.  Glossy metallic silver.  I'm going to use a thick, glossy black to paint symbols on them.  It should end up looking like the black oil.  If not, I'll sand it down and try something else.  I did a quick paint to see how I liked the color, I've since sanded the text off.  I hated it at first, but it's really growing on me.  

And finally, a rough mock-up.  So much to do still.  This brings me up to June 26, though.

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