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I gave up on the memory card, it's faulty, and I don't currently have another I can play with. So. Here's the end of it.

Apparently, I live in a goddamn cave with shit for lighting. My camcorder won't work, so I've done the best I can with my camera, which is so old it takes floppies.

The finished console in the dark, showing the EL panel under the X-Files cutout.

The sound-activated LEDs. They glow a bit while playing in the dark, but they aren't all that visible, really.

Here's what it actually looks like. It's a flawless matte black finish, but I had to use the flash, and it picks up every speck of dust. I have over 60 hours in just sanding and repainting, so I KNOW it's flawless.

This is the matching controller. It's been painted with a matte finish, the buttons have all been repainted, and the LEDs changed to green. The right buttons are 9mm bullet shells, the exact type Mulder and Scully use. lol

Close-up of the buttons:

I can't do video, but if you are interested, I've got links to more pics, and some worklogs.
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