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My apartment is really old and doesn't have very many outlets. I can only plug in so many splitters and stuff before I draw too much, and the circuit breaker is down in the hippie's apartment. Obviously, I want as little to do with him as I possibly can. As I was unpacking my video game consoles, I realized that the Saturn, both PS2s, the PSOne, and the Dreamcast all used the same basic AC power cord. The PS2Slim had it plug into an AC/DC converter box, but it's the same type of cord. Since I never use more than one console at a time, I decided to mod the N64 and GameCube power adapters to use the same cord.

As always, thumbnails open as larger pics in new tabs.

I started wPhotobucketith the N64 brick. With this one, the brick clips in the back of the console. The first thing I did was open it up and pull the guts out. Then, I cut and filed the hole that the cord went into to fit the new power connector.Photobucket It came off a printer I think. Or maybe a laptop charger? I'm not sure. I suppose it doesn't really matter.

The next step was to desolder the cord and trim down the heatsink to make room for the connector. The heatsink used to follow that little white line all the way to the end, but I chopped a bit of it off.

PhotobucketNext, I soldered on the connector. Right to where the old power cord was. I'd also put heatshrink tube on the contacts of the connector, where I soldered the wires to it. It's kind of cramped inside the power brick, so I wanted to be damn sure things wouldn't short out in there.PhotobucketPhotobucket

Close it back up, and I see the connector isn't perfectly straight. I'm mildly disappointed, but the important thing is it works. It's in there tight, and from the top, it sits flush against the brick.


Since I finished that pretty quickly, I decided to do the GameCube one today as well. After popping it open, I decided that I'd have to move a few components on the board and put the connector where I had the space for it. This connector is from a PSOne, one of the old fat ones. In fact, it's from the power board that I killed when I was building my custom PSOne. Photobucket

I drilled a few hPhotobucketoles, then sat and did a bit of filing while watching Jurassic Park. The jack fit perfectly in the hole, but I had to relocate a few components on the circuit board and cut down the heatsink again. But, I got it all closed up and ready to test. It works great, even if the picture is slightly blurry.

Next up, I'm going to put a 9V 1A DC converter in a box with the same type of power connector, and a regular power jack on it.  Then, I'll make up some cords for the NES, SNES, SMS, and Genesis/32X that will plug into the box.  Then, all my consoles except my Wii will share the same power cord.  First, I need some more jacks like that, though. 

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