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My apartment is really old and doesn't have very many outlets. I can only plug in so many splitters and stuff before I draw too much, and the circuit breaker is down in the hippie's apartment. Obviously, I want as little to do with him as I possibly can. As I was unpacking my video game consoles, I realized that the Saturn, both PS2s, the PSOne, and the Dreamcast all used the same basic AC power cord. The PS2Slim had it plug into an AC/DC converter box, but it's the same type of cord. Since I never use more than one console at a time, I decided to mod the N64 and GameCube power adapters to use the same cord.
Busy afternoon... )

Next up, I'm going to put a 9V 1A DC converter in a box with the same type of power connector, and a regular power jack on it.  Then, I'll make up some cords for the NES, SNES, SMS, and Genesis/32X that will plug into the box.  Then, all my consoles except my Wii will share the same power cord.  First, I need some more jacks like that, though. 


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