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Since I'm getting anoles later this summer, i decided to start my own colony of feeder roaches.  I've been researching this for a while, and it looks like dubia roaches are easier to keep than crickets, more size-appropriate for anoles, and overall better nutrition.  Pics of my setup and a few of my roaches behind the cut.

I had a 66 qt storage tub laying around, so I decided to use that.  I cut out that nice little rectangular panel in the top, since that indent was perfect for gluing a bit of screen to keep the roaches in and still allow ventilation. 

At the suggestion of several roach keepers, I decided to glue the egg crate material into blocks for easy handling.   They line the tote for about two-thirds of the width, leaving me plenty of room to put down a few plastic lids for food and water crystals.  

In fact, Dr. Berenbaum found the food right away.

She's a big girl, already far too big for an anole.  Fortunately, I do need adults to keep breeding.  I kind of want to tame her to like being handled a bit.

And here is Orson, currently my only male.  He seems like a rather old man, so I'm hoping for some other males to mature soon.

No new babies yet, but there have been a few successful molts. 

Furthermore, no deaths yet.  Hopefully I'll have a thriving colony soon.



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