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I never did post any pics of my completed anole setup. Soon, though. Right now, I'm busting my butt to get a leo set up in a decent enclosure while working 60+ hours a week. I've just been too busy to post here, although I'm going to cut back on my internet presence elsewhere in order to fix that. This is a really cool project, if I might toot my own horn, and maybe someone else can benefit from these posts. Thumbnails link to larger pics.

First up, the bare bones. It's a 20 gallon long with a built in sliding screen top. There's a few pieces of cardboard and styrofoam fitted to the back and sides. More about those in a bit. The alien skull and the rock are two of the furnishings I'm planning on incorporating.

The cardboard/foam is in two pieces for ease in installing. They've been temporarily taped to form the proper corner, then I hit them up with the Great Stuff spray foam.

I decided to embed the alien skull right into the foam.  The next step is carving the foam down to resemble the arid rocky area that leos inhabit in the wild.  This block's cured and ready to carve, but I think I'll just do them both tomorrow.   They'll then get a layer of unsanded tile grout, then paint and sealer.  Look for an update in a few days!

Checking In

Date: 2012-08-14 01:17 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hope you're doing well and don't mind the stalking. I'm just one of the HC folks who wanted to stop by and see if you had posted any updated pics of Cheetos new digs. I was learning a lot from what you were doing and thinking of maybe borrowing a few of your concepts when it's time to update my enclosure.

Hope both you and the critters are well.


Re: Checking In

Date: 2012-08-18 05:02 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'm glad you don't mind the stalking. I know all too well how overwhelming life can get and it becomes far too difficult to find the time to work on the projects that we want to. Plus, if I remember right you REALLY had your hands full with work and school both didn't you?

I'll be sure to check back for updates and I'm still planning on stealing an idea or two from you when I finally find the time to do some custom work myself. I can't believe Cheeto was actually screaming at the rats! I have read all about the various vocalizations of the hatchlings and juvies but mine has never made a peep. She is developing quite the personality though. Her tail is regrowing beautifully and she's growing like a weed...and eating non-stop. If there are no crickets in sight and her meal worm bowl is empty she'll go stand in the bowl and stare at me. I do believe that she thinks she's telepathic.

The corn snake thinks that I'm dinner and regularly tries to eat my arms, thankfully it's more amusing than anything else but it's going to have to learn the difference between me and a mouse pretty soon. The kassina is now eating, pooping, and doing froggy things...which is to say not much at all. But at least I know it's alive in there and seem to be doing well.

In other news I am now fostering a juvenile ball python that I am insanely in love with. I have very little doubt that I'll be "fostering" this one for life. She's a bit over a foot long now and has only been with me for about 24 hours and is already quite comfortable in her new home and eating as well. I picked her up from a rescue agency, but I have a feeling that they ended up with her because someone wasn't able to keep her for whatever reason and not because she wasn't well cared for. She's just far too comfortable being handled and too healthy to have been treated poorly.

Here are a couple of links to the pretty girl if it will let you view them:



I miss chatting with you on HC, the intelligent conversation without the judgement was always a pleasure. I definitely understand your decision though.



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