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So I'm picking up where I left off.  This is where I am as of June 26, the day the EL panel came.

I've already started stripping the inverter to tie it into the main console power.  There's a switch for off/dim/full that I'm also relocating.  It'll come out the back of the console.  There's an input/output port that's of extremely limited use, so I've desoldered that, and sanded off the identifying marks.  Probably not the best idea so late in the process, but I think it'll be just fine.

Here, you can see where I removed the port.  I've also ran the main power leads for the EL inverter.  It's a 9V inverter, but it's functioning beautifully on the 8V I've tapped into.

Aside from that, I've pretty much finished the bottom panel.  I fitted a piece of vellum behind some vent slots.  I'm looking for a source to power an LED.  I know one great spot to grab 3V easily, but I want something that's going to fluctuate and flicker.  I know the audio line can do that, I'm researching other points.  

Something someone said got me thinking about signature marks, but I really don't have anything I'd consider a signature to add to this.  I did come up with something to hide inside it, though.  Silver flames because I'm a flaming idiot for X-Files.  Copper heart because I'm a total Scully/Mulder shipper.  The cap is from 3X20: Jose Chung's "From Outer Space".  The book features in the game, so I thought it'd be cool to do a little homage to the episode.

The EL panel has been trimmed to size, and the leads relocated.  I burned the panel, by not being careful enough, but I tested it, and the burn's hidden by the cutout.  It'll be just fine.

As I mentioned, I've sort of raped the inverter.  The battery connector was chopped off, and I wired it right to the main mother board of the PS1.  The off-blink-on switch was chopped off, and the board rewired for blink-on.  The new switch is on long leads, so it can be located in an existing hole on the case.  I really don't like the steady blinking, so I will probably take off the timing chip and think of something else.

Here's a closer look at the X.  The black line is tape.  I kept breaking the X while sanding, but having the tape in takes the stress off it.  It also holds it at the perfect level when I'm glueing it back in.  The light looks more natural here.  So pretty.

This shot just gives an idea as to where things will end up.  The main EL power is the red and black lines.  The silver lines are the EL mode switch.  The red, yellow, brown, orange, and white are the PS1 main motherboard lines.

It's already taken apart again.  I think I might be done with the painting now, though.  Not much to see, sadly.  My camera doesn't really take that great of pics, there's not much difference.  I started work on the controller while I wait for the circuits, though.  I'm using an Intec Storm Chaser.  I've got two, and I kind of can't sell them.

The X on the d-pad really appealed to me.  I then discovered they are made out of translucent plastic.  Great for adding a ton of LEDs to, not so great for painting.  I'm sanding them down, to remove the writing.  I'll be using finer and finer paper to buff them to a nice finish again.  Pain in the everloving ass thus far.

Interesting fact.  Glass frosting sprays look damn good on sanded plastic.  Damn good.  Like, I can't see sanding marks at all.  Quite a bit more time-efficient than trying to sand it to perfection.

I do all my spray painting in an old computer shell to prevent overspray.  One or two more coats, and that ought to do it.  Then, it'll go in the pile of completed pieces stacked on top of the entertainment center.  Krylon Fusion needs nearly a week to cure to full chip resistance, so I'm letting it all sit while I finish up the guts.  Speaking of guts, the back of the EL panel is kinda boring and ugly.

A bit of digging while cleaning produced this, a "nice" reminder of my HS/Uni days.  I'm actually quite territorial.

A bit more digging and I discovered that my cereal bowls are the same damn size as the PlayStation lid.

Fun with scissors is always fun.

A few coats of paint and one Marine Corps seal later:

We all know by now I'm a total Skinner fangirl.  He enlisted at 18, and did at least one tour of duty in Vietnam.  He was nearly killed in action, but managed to survive and come home to rise to Assistant Director of the F.B.I.  But, once a Marine, always a Marine.  I suppose I could have done the F. B. I. seal, but Skinner does play an important role in the game.  It's only visible when the CD tray is open, too.       

This brings us up to June 30.  More next post.


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